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[ic] How to install Interchange under Windows 2000, Help!!!

Quoting marc.brevoort (
> On Thursday 26 September 2002 13:42, you wrote:
> > installation fails if an install programm is trying to run make.
> > If I execute make, or make install, cygwin says, that the make command is
> > not found.
> > Could you please give me an idea how to manage this problem?
> My guess is that you either don't have the program make.exe or it is not in 
> your search path. If you do not have make.exe anywhere, you can probably find 
> it in the unix utils package ( You can then set the 
> system path to point to the directory where make.exe is located. The 
> following is shamelessly stolen from 
> (Setting the system path in Windows 2000, XP:)
> **********************************
> 1. Right-clicking on the My Computer icon. (Under Windows XP, the My Computer 
> Icon may be located in the start menu.) 
> 2. Choosing Properties from the context menu. 
> 3. Double-clicking on the System icon. 
> 4. Clicking the Advanced tab. 
> 5. Clicking the Environment Variables button. 
> )
> 6. Do not forget to add the directory to the path. Possibly you need to click 
> apply or OK.
> Alternatively, you can copy make.exe into directory c:\WINNT or 
> c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32, this usually does the trick as well.

This shouldn't be necessary. I have installed IC on Win 2000
myself, so I know it works. Last time I did it, it was seamless.

I bet the problem is only downloading the minimum from Cygwin. You need
to get just about everything -- especially Perl, but you need all the
devel stuff as well including GCC and make.

Mike Heins
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