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Interchange Live Demos

Demonstration catalogs could give you an idea of what Interchange can do for you. Our standard demo is what most people base their sites on, but it is by no means all that Interchange is capable of!

There are two variants of our standard demo catalog available for preview: the user-modifiable demo, and the view-only demo.

User-Modifiable Demo

This is a completely modifiable demo (will open a new window) and may therefore be broken at times (as users change different privileged settings). However, the catalog is periodically reset to the default values.

To access the administration section of the demo store, enter username demo and password demo when prompted.

View-Only Demo

This demo (will open a new window) is the same as the user-modifiable demo, with the exception that there is no administrative access granted. This should ensure that it always looks and functions just as a freshly built Interchange installation.

Perusion's "Strap" Demos

These demos are loosely based on the standard demo, but are completely redone to use Bootstrap. There are both Bootstrap 2.x and Bootstrap 3.0 versions, replete with downloadable zip and Github access.

About Interchange

What Interchange users are saying:

"First and foremost, a web application platform really must be a platform -- it must play nicely with all the other things that your marketing and logistics and operations and vendor management groups want to bolt onto it. As such, the platform must be flexible, open, pliable, and also somewhat standardized. Moreover, it needs to perform under screaming loads, as well as hold stable under the day-in-day-out slog of data that come with running a fair-sized web-centric business. Interchange meets all of these requirements. We built a $100M+ company using Interchange both as a customer-facing web application suite as well as the the back-office web-based logistics platform for our buyers, marketers, and warehouse operations. The Open Source outlook of Interchange, along with its Perl architecture, brings the needed flexibility and continuity throughout the app. A competent and experienced developer can take Interchange and make it sing."
Dave Jenkins, CTO, 2005-2007 at