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Interchange News

  • Core team changes

    Posted on 13-Oct-2014 by Jon Jensen

    Today the Interchange Development Group core team is pleased to announce three new members: Peter Mottram, Richard Templet, and Sam Batschelet. All three of them have been involved in the community for some time now, and have shown a genuine commitment to Interchange's future. Welcome!

    We are also retiring from the core team Mark Lipscombe and Ton Verhagen, and thank them for their past contributions.

    We are grateful for everyone's friendly mutual support which has made the Interchange community endure so well.

  • Perl::Dancer Conference 2014

    Posted on 22-Aug-2014 by Jon Jensen

    Building on the success of last year's Ecommerce Innovations conference, another conference is being held this year from October 6-9 at West Branch Resort in Hancock, New York. The focus has been broadened to include Modern Perl, Dancer, and DBIx::Class, in addition to Interchange.

    Again there will be Interchange core developers speaking, including most of the Interchange 6 development team. We're also pleased to announce that Sawyer X, one of the most prolific Dancer core developers and an excellent presenter, will be speaking and teaching training classes.

    The call for papers is still open, and ends on September 11. We still have room for more attendees, speakers, trainers, and sponsors.

    For more information, see the conference website, email (fun new top-level domain, isn't it?), or write to the interchange-users mailing list.

    We hope to see you there!

  • Interchange 5.8.2 stable release

    Posted on 07-Jul-2014 by David Christensen

    We're pleased to announce the immediate release of Interchange 5.8.2, the latest stable version of Interchange.

    It includes all known bug and security fixes, as well as feature enhancements including Bcrypt as an option for UserDB password security. See the WHATSNEW file for complete details. We recommend new development be done with this version, and all users of older versions of Interchange should upgrade after testing their catalogs in a test environment.

    Packages are available for download now.

  • Interchange6::Cart Hackathon on 14 July 2014

    Posted on 02-Jul-2014 by Sam Batschelet

    We are planning a hackathon Monday, July 14 with focus on the Interchange6::Cart. As our community has developers from many different time zones the hackathon will take place throughout the day starting at 5:30 US Eastern Time. Log into our IRC channel #interchange on freenode to follow along or chime in anytime. A full itinerary on Interchange6::Cart TODO and bullet points we wish to discuss will be send out before the end of this week to look over and think about. If you have time available on Monday to dedicate to the hackathon please contact me so we can schedule around you. These talks will be very important for the future functionality of the Interchange6::Cart a critical part of the Interchange6 project. Attendance and/or input do not require any existing knowledge of the Interchange6 code. Your help and support is always greatly appreciated!

    Warm Regards,
    Sam Batschelet (hexfusion)

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