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5.x Branch

Interchange 5.x is the backward-compatible branch and will have new releases for as long as the core team is still supporting it, for many more years given the large number of serious ecommerce sites running successfully on it.

Useful new features continue to be added, along with maintenance updates to keep pace with the changing world of ecommerce.

6.x Branch

Interchange 6 is completely new, built on top of modern Perl, a modern web framework, and CPAN modules. Rather than being a complete application server as Interchange 5 and earlier are, it is an application that "stands on the shoulders of giants" such as Plack/PSGI, Dancer, CPAN modules, and Perl 5.10.1 or newer. It uses UTF-8 throughout. Plugins provide additional functionality like payment gateways, coupons, shipping calculation, reviews, etc.

Its code name is Nitesi, and while it is already being used on some production sites, it is still under heavy development.

About Interchange

What Interchange users are saying:

"When we first got into the web application business, we made an exhaustive look at the available technologies (at the time). It was apparent Interchange had the highest learning curve, but also one of the few with the ability to do just about anything you'd ask of it. Since our applications can take any form, we needed something extremely flexible, and something that if asked, could handle ecommerce, email, CRM, CMS, and anything else that comes our way. Interchange has never once dissapointed. We've always considered ourselves lucky in making that decision some 7 years ago. "
Paul Jordan, Gish Network.