Interchange has a completely flexible order basket and checkout scheme. The foundation demo presents a common use of this process, in the directory pages/ord -- the files are:

    basket.html      The order basket displayed by default
    checkout.html    The form where the customer enters their billing
                     and shipping info
    receipt.html     The receipt displayed to the customer
    report           The order report mailed to you
    mail_receipt     The customer's email copy (if requested)

It is not strictly necessary to display an order basket when an item is ordered. If you specify a different page to be displayed that is fine, but most customers will be confused if you don't give them an indication that the order operation has succeeded.

Any order basket is an HTML FORM. It will have a number of variables on it. At the minimum it must have an [item-list] to loop through the items, and the quantity of each item must be set in some place on that form. Any valid Interchange tags may be used on the page, and you may use multiple item lists if necessary.

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