1.6. Basket display

The basket page(s) are where the items are tracked and adjusted by the customer. It is possible to have an unlimited number of basket pages. It is also possible to have multiple shopping carts, as in buy or sell. This allows a basket/checkout type of ordering scheme, with custom order pages for items which have many accessories.

The name of the page to display can be configured in several ways:

  1. Set the SpecialPage order to the page to display when an item is ordered.
  2. Use the [order code=item page=page_name] Order it! </a> form of order tag to specify an arbitrary order page for an item.
  3. If already on an order page, set the mv_orderpage, mv_nextpage, mv_successpage, or mv_failpage variables.

The following variables can be used to control cart selection and page display: