2.7. Setup CVS modules

Note: From this point on, assume that all commands are executed as the CVS user (e.g. interch), unless otherwise specified.

A module is CVS is like the concept of a "project", where each module has its own branches, trees, and other features.

2.7.1. Add your project to the modules configuration file

The format of the modules file is explained in detail in the CVS documentation, here is the simplest way to use it. First you will need to checkout your CVSROOT directory, then modify and commit the 'modules' file.

cvs co CVSROOT


<Module name><TAB><Module Directory>

The module name can be whatever you want, and the module directory is what we will create later under /rep. We'll want a module for the template catalog (foundation). For example:

foundation      foundation

2.7.2. Create the module directory

This is the directory that is referred to in the CVSROOT/modules file we just modified.

mkdir /rep/foundation