4.1. CVS checkout into the catalog directory

Now it is the time to replace the directories in your catalog that have counterparts in CVS with fresh checkouts from CVS (this is a preliminary action to allow CVS to update your catalog directory when a change is made to CVS).

Note: Make sure interchange daemon is stopped and you have a good backup before continuing.

tar czf ~/foundation.backup2.tgz /var/lib/interchange/foundation

Checkout a copy from CVS into a different directory (such as foundation_CVS).

cd /var/lib/interchange/
cvs co -d foundation_CVS foundation

This should create the foundation_CVS/ directory for you, so that it wont conflict with your existing foundation/ directory.

4.1.1. Add any needed files to checked-out catalog

Note that empty directories are pruned, so they will need something in them for them to show up with a -P checkout. Often a zero-byte file called '.empty' is used.

If you removed any directories during the streamlining step, we must first add those back so that the catalog is usable to Interchange. In this document, we only removed unneeded files and left empty directories.

This can also be the time to copy any "data" files such as orders/ logs/, etc. that might be needed if it is a live catalog.

cd /var/lib/interchange/foundation
cp -a <NEEDED_FILES> \

4.1.2. Install and test the new catalog

Now lets move the old foundation out of the way and put the new foundation_CVS in its place.

cd /var/lib/interchange/
mv foundation foundation_old
mv foundation_CVS foundation

Now, link up the CVS images for use by Apache.

cd /var/www/html/foundation/
mv images images_old
ln -s /var/lib/interchange/foundation/images images

Now, you should have a working catalog again. To make sure, start up Interchange and test the site with your browser.