5. The two track model: development and live catalogs

It is often very valuable to have a two-track development model that separates the classes of work into separate timing and decision categories. Some use "staging" and "production" terminology, others prefer "unstable" and "stable", "beta" and "release", or "development" and "live".

The easiest starting point for two-track development is to just use two completely separate CVS modules and catalogs. This can make a lot of sense for many situations, for example when the next revision of the site will be so different that it is for all practical purposes starting from ground zero.

A slightly more complicated solution is to use the CVS branches feature. It is more difficult to set up, but can be rewarding when used correctly.

When to branch

Which way to branch

Performing the branch

Setup the development catalog

Splitting updates on commit by tag

Using new branches