6.4. Locally mapped source code for a network IC server

This is useful mostly to Windows users, since Linux users can just as easily run IC daemons on their own workstation as they can a separate server.

The idea is to have the IC server use its own files and directories for things that won't be edited and modified locally, but reference a Samba directory or NFS directory for things that will (such as pages/, templates/, etc.).

6.4.1. Mount the Samba or NFS directory

smbmount <...> or mount -t nfsfs <...>

The following script uses two directories (source and destination) to create symlinks for the commonly modified source directories of Interchange.

export S=/mnt/nfs/foundation
export D=/var/lib/interchange/foundation
F=db; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=dbconf; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=etc; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=images; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=pages; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=special_pages; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F
F=templates; ln -s $S/$F $D/$F

This will leave you with a working catalog that can be quickly modified (since your editor can access the local copy), while Interchange has to do the work of going over the SMB or NFS connection.