4. Templating

All of the [forum] display mechanisms are templated. You can pass four templates -- template, header-template, link-template, and scrub-template.

They use the substitution style found in Interchange's attr-list ITL tag.

The following values are available for templating:

 ADDITIONAL    Additional text normally only used at the top level
 COMMENT       Text of the message
 CREATED       Created date in ISO format
 DATE          Date the comment was made
 DISPLAY_URL   URL to display the forum with a new starting point
 FORUM_APPEND  End indent </UL> tags for item (automatic, don't use)
 FORUM_PREPEND Begin indent <UL> tags for item (automatic, don't use)
 MOD_TIME      Modified date in ISO format
 PARENT_URL    URL to call the parent of the comment
 REASON        Text indicating reason for scoring
 REPLY_URL     URL to reply to the commetn
 SCORE         Score of the article
 SUBJECT       Subject of the message
 SUBMIT_URL    URL to submit a new top-level thread
 TOP_URL       URL to call the top level of the thread (if not at top)
 USERINFO      User information based on login status and anonymity

You can see how the above are used by examining the file pages/forum/display.html and playing around with the provided templates.

Templating rules