4.3. Quick Installation Script

This script will install the necessary files for you, provided that you modify the variables to your environment. Alternately, you can follow the more detailed installation instructions that follow it.

Note that if you are not using a 4.9.8+ version of Interchange, you will need to manually install the qb_safe.filter by copying it from the 4.9.8 code/Filter/qb_safe.filter into your Interchange version.

# Modify these three variables to match your environment.
export QB=/path/to/interchange/extensions/quickbooks
export VENDROOT=/usr/local/interchange
export CATROOT=/home/interch/catalogs/foundation

mkdir -p $CATROOT/include/menus $CATROOT/vars
cp -r $QB/pages/admin/quickbooks \
cp -i $QB/usertag/* \

# Alternate usertag installation style:
#mkdir -p $CATROOT/usertags/global
#cp -i $QB/usertag/* \
#      $CATROOT/usertags/global
# Then include the global/*.tag in your interchange.cfg

# Variables that optionally modify the export process, along with
# their help entries.
cat   $QB/products/variable.txt.append >> \
cat   $QB/products/mv_metadata.asc.append >> \

# Menu entries: start with the existing menu, then add ours.
cp -i $VENDROOT/lib/UI/pages/include/menus/Admin.txt \
cat   $QB/menus/Admin.txt.append >> \

# Some configuration changes.
cat >> $CATROOT/catalog.cfg <<EOF
DirConfig vars
# You can remove these requires if you don't want to use the
# Quickbooks UI menu items
Require usertag import_quicken_items
Require usertag export_quicken_items