4.5. Additional database fields -- userdb

If your catalog is not based on a 4.6+ version of the foundation catalog, you may not have some of the additional database fields necessary. If you want the user to retain their customer number, add the following field to the "userdb" table:


It can be an integer number field if your database needs that information. To add the field in MySQL, you can issue the following queries at the mysql prompt:

alter table userdb add column customer_number int;

If you don't add it, it just means that a new customer number will be assigned every time.

WARNING If you are using Interchange DBM files and have live data it is not recommended you add this field unless you are positive you will not overwrite your data. If you are not a developer, get one to help you. In any case, back up your userdb.gdbm or userdb.db file first.