7. makecat - Set Up a Catalog from a Template

After Interchange is installed, you need to set up at least one catalog. Interchange will not function properly until a catalog is created.

The supplied makecat script, which is in the Interchange program directory bin, is designed to set up a catalog based on the user's server configuration. It interrogates the user for parameters like which directories to use, a URL to base the catalog in, HTTP server definitions, and file ownership. It gives relevant examples of the entries it expects to receive.

Note: A catalog can only be created once. All further configuration is done by editing the files within the catalog directory.

The makecat script requires a catalog skeleton to work from. The Foundation demo is distributed with Interchange. See the icfoundation document for information on building the Foundation demo store. Other demo catalogs are available at http://www.icdevgroup.org/.

It is not normally necessary for you to understand how to build catalog skeletons for use with makecat, but the following information will help you if you should ever need to.

Catalog Skeletons

Manual Installation of Catalogs