2. Maintaining Interchange

Some utilities are supplied in the VendRoot/bin directory:

 compile_link Compiles an Interchange vlink or tlink CGI link
 configdump   Dumps the configuration directives for a particular catalog
 dump         Dumps the session file for a particular catalog
 expire       Expires sessions for a particular catalog
 expireall    Expires all catalogs
 makecat      Make catalog

Some example scripts for other functions are in the eg/ directory of the software distribution.

Some thought should be given to where the databases, error logs, and session files should be located, especially on an ISP that might have multiple users sharing an Interchange server. In particular, put all of the session files and logs in a directory that is not writable by the user. This eliminates the possibility that the catalog may crash if the directory or file is corrupted.

To test the format of user catalog configuration files before restarting the server, set (from VendRoot):

   bin/interchange -test

This will check all configuration files for syntax errors, which might otherwise prevent a catalog from booting. Once a catalog configures properly, user reconfiguration will not crash it. It will just cause an error. But, it must come up when the server is started.

Starting, Stopping, and Re-starting the Servers

UNIX and INET modes

User Reconfiguration

Expiring Sessions

My session files change to owner root every day!