10.1. A link for ordering

Now that you have your products available, let's add a shopping cart so customers can purchase them. This is created using the [order] tag. These tags create an HTML link that causes the specified item to be ordered and transfers the shopper to the basket page. This is a built-in shortcut to the complete order process which uses an HTML form submission process. The parameter for the [order] tag is the product ID. To add these tags to the catalog, make the following change to pages/index.html:

  <td>[loop-field description]</td>
  <td align=right>[loop-field price]</td>
+ <td>[order [loop-code]]Order Now</a></td>

Note: The line you need to add is marked by a '+'. However, do not include the '+' when adding this line. The surrounding lines are shown to give you context. This style is called a "context diff" and is used often in this tutorial.