3.52. OrderProfile

Allows an unlimited number of profiles to be set up, specifying complex checks to be performed at each of the steps in the checkout process. The files specified can be located anywhere. If relative paths are used, they are relative to the catalog root directory.

   OrderProfile    etc/profiles.order etc/profiles.login

The actions defined here are also used for mv_click actions if there is no action defined in scratch space. They are accessed by setting the mv_order_profile variable to the name of the order profile. Multiple profiles can reside in the same file, if separated by __END__ tokens, which must be on a line by themselves.

The profile is named by placing a name following a __NAME__ pragma:

 __NAME__ billing

The __NAME__ must begin the line, and be followed by whitespace and the name. The search profile can then be accessed by <mv_order_profile="billing">. See Advanced Multi-level Order Pages.