2.12. ConfigParseComments *global*

Set to No if you want old-style '#include', '#ifdef', or '#ifndef' to be treated as the comments they appear to be. The default is Yes, which means both '#include' and 'include' do the same thing. (Use a space after the '#' if you really want to comment out the command.)

Interchange prior to version 4.7 used a different syntax for meta-directives 'include', 'ifdef', and 'ifndef' in configuration files. The commands were borrowed from the C preprocessor, and true to their C heritage, they started with '#': '#include', '#ifdef', '#ifndef'. Interchange configuration files, unlike C, uses '#' to begin one-line comments, which meant that a newcomer at first glance might assume that:

#Variable DEBUG 1
#include more.cfg

were both comments, when in fact the second was a live #include command.

To begin to make things more consistent, Interchange 4.7 and up now recognize those meta-directives without the leading '#', and the included demo catalog sets this directive to No so that lines beginning with '#' really are skipped as comments, regardless of what comes after.