3.76. SearchProfile

Allows an unlimited number of search profiles to be set up, specifying complex searches based on a single click. The directive accepts a file name based in the catalog directory if the path is relative:

   SearchProfile    etc/search.profiles

As an added measure of control, the specification is evaluated with the special Interchange tag syntax to provide conditional setting of search parameters. The following file specifies a dictionary-based search in the file 'dict.product':

 __NAME__ dict_search
 [if value fast_search]

The __NAME__ is the value to be specified in the mv_profile variable on the search form, as in

 <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_profile VALUE="dict_search">

or with mp=profile in the one-click search.

 [page scan se=Renaissance/mp=dict_search]Renaissance Art</a>

Multiple profiles can reside in the same file, if separated by __END__ tokens. __NAME__ tokens should be left-aligned, and __END__ must be on a line by itself with no leading or trailing whitespace.