3.104. UserDB

Sets parameters to define the behavior of Interchange's user database functions.

Parameter Default Explanation
acl acl Set field for simple access control storage
addr_field address_book Set field name for address book
assign_username 0 Tell interchange to automatically assign username
bill_field accounts Set field name for accounts
cart_field carts Set field name for cart storage
clear_coookie   Comma-separated list of cookies to clear on explicit logout
clear_session   Clear user session completely on logout
counter   Counter file for assign_username function
crypt 1 Encrypt (1) or not encrypt (0) passwords
database userdb Sets user database table
db_acl db_acl Set field for database access control storage
expire_field expiration Set field for expiration date
file_acl file_acl Set field for file access control storage
force_lower 0 Force possibly upper-case database fields to lower case session variable names
ignore_case 0 Ignore case in usernames/passwords
indirect_login   Log in field if different than real username
logfile error.log File to log authentications/errors
md5 0 Use MD5 for encryption algorithm instead of crypt
no_get 0 Don't get values from database on login
no_login 0 Log people in to accounts even if they are already logged in
outboard_key_col   Set field providing key for outboard tables
outboard   Set fields that live in another table
pass_field password Set field name for password
passminlen 2 Minimum length for password
pref_field preferences Set field name for preferences
scratch   Fields to set in user Scratch space (instead of Values)
sql_counter   SQL counter spec (sequence or AUTO_INCREMENT) for assign_username function
super_field super Field to determine superuser status if admin profile
time_field time Set field for storing last login time
unix_time 0 Set if unix (seconds since 1970) time to go in log files
userminlen 2 Minimum length for username
username_mask   Regular expression usernames must not match

These are set in a catalog.cfg file with something like:

UserDB default crypt 0 UserDB admin crypt 1 UserDB admin md5 1

where default or admin is the name of the profile to set. These can be overriden if passed in the tag:

   [userdb userminlen=6 new-account=1]