3.108. VariableDatabase

The name of a database containing a field Variable which will be used to set Interchange variable values. For example, a database defined as:

   Database  var var.txt TAB
   VariableDatabase var

and containing

   code    Variable
   HELLO   Hi!

would cause __HELLO__ to appear as Hi!.

The field name is case-sensitive, and variable would not work.

The values are inserted at time of definition. Any single-level hash-oriented Interchange directive, such as SpecialPage, ScratchDefault, or ValuesDefault, can be set in the same way. If the VariableDatabase named does not exist at definition time, a database of the default type with an ASCII file source appending .txt is assumed. In other words:

   VariableDatabase variable

is equivalent to

   Database         variable variable.txt TAB
   VariableDatabase variable