2.62. TcpMap *global*

When running in INET mode, using tlink or the internal HTTP server, specifies the port(s) which will be monitored by the Interchange server. Default is 7786.

To use the internal HTTP server (perhaps only for password-protected queries), a catalog may be mapped to a port. If three catalogs were running on the server www.akopia.com, named simple, sample, and search, the directive might look like this:

   TcpMap    7786 -  7787 simple 7788 sample 7789 search

Note: To map large numbers of ports, use the <<MARKER here document notation in interchange.cfg. With this in effect, the internal HTTP server would map the following addresses:

   *:7786   mv_admin
   *:7787   simple
   *:7788   sample
   *:7789   search

Note: This does not pertain to the use of tlink, which still relies on the CGI SCRIPT_PATH. To enable this, the SCRIPT_PATH aliases /simple, /sample, etc. must be set in the Catalog directive. This would look like:

 Catalog  simple  /home/interchange/catalogs/simple /cgi-bin/simple /simple

To bind to specific IP addresses, add them in the same fashion that they would as an Apache Listen directive:

   TcpMap <<EOF       -
       www.akopia.com:7787  -

Note: As usual, the EOF should be at the beginning of a line with no leading or trailing whitespace.