3.3. ActionMap

Allows setting of Interchange actions, usually with a Perl subroutine. Actions are page names like:

process  Perform a processing function
order    Order items
scan     Search based on path info
search   Search based on submitted form variables

These are the standard supplied actions for Interchange. They can be overwritten with user-defined versions if desired. For example, to ignore the order action, set:

   ActionMap  order  sub { return 1 }

When the leading part of the incoming path is equal to order, it will trigger an action. The page name will be shifted up, and the order stripped from the page name. So this custom order action would essentially perform a no-op, and a URL like:

   <A HREF="[area order/nextpage]"> Go to the next page </A>

would be the equivalent of "[area nextpage]." If the action does not return a true (non-zero, non-blank) status, no page will be displayed by Interchange, not even the special missing page. A response may also be generated via Perl or MVASP.

The standard process action has a number of associated FormAction settings. Besides using Perl, Interchange tags may be used in an action, though they are not nearly as efficient.