3.16. Cron *5.0 and up*

Configuration for jobs run with the --cron commandline option.

base_directory, use_global

Directory to search for cron jobs. The default is etc/cron in the catalog directory. If use_global is set, the same directory is searched in the global configuration directory.

initialize, autoload

The macros initialize and autoload are executed once resp. before each job.

email, log, add_session

The output of a single run of cron jobs is written to a log file and send by email if the corresponding configuration values email and log are set. An email address passed by the commandline option --email has higher preference than the email address in email.

If the run produces no output, neither the email will be send nor the log file entry will be written.

add_session adds the current session to the output.

from, subject, reply_to, extra_headers

Additional configuration values for the generation of the email.