1.1. Text Source Files

Interchange reads delimited text files to obtain its initial data. However, the text files are not the database. They are the source information for the database tables.

By default, all database source files are located in the products subdirectory of the catalog directory. The main products database is in the products/products.txt file in the supplied demo catalog.

Note: If you are using one of the internal database methods, any changes made to the ASCII source file will be reflected in the database in the next user session. If the product database contains less than a thousand records, updates will be instantaneous. If the product database is larger, updates will take longer. Use the NoImport reference tag to stop auto updating.

In the following configuration directive:

   Database  products  products.txt   TAB

the products table will obtain its source information from the file products.txt. What is done with it depends on the type of underlying database being used. The different types and their behavior are described below:


            NoImport  products
            Database products IMPORT_ONCE 1


           Database  products  DB_FILE   1



           Database   products   MEMORY   1