1.2. Interchange Database Conventions

This section describes naming and file usage conventions used with Interchange.

Note: Throughout the documentation, the following terms and their definitions are used interchangeably:

key, code

field, column

table, database

If necessary, Interchange can read the data to be placed in tables from a standard ASCII-delimited file. All of the ASCII source files are kept in the products directory, which is normally in the catalog directory (where catalog.cfg is located). The ASCII files can have ^M (carriage return) characters, but must have a new line character at the end of the line to work. NOTE: Mac users uploading files must use ASCII mode, not binary mode.

Interchange's default ASCII delimiter is TAB.

Note: The items must be separated by a single delimiter. The items in this document are lined up for reading convenience.


            code    description             price   image
            SH543   Men's fine cotton shirt 14.95   shirts.jpg


            SH543|Men's fine cotton shirt|14.95|shirts.jpg


            "SH543","Men's fine cotton shirt","14.95","shirts.jpg"

Note: Using the default TAB delimiter is recommended if you plan on searching the ASCII source file of the database. PIPE works fairly well, but CSV delimiter schemes might cause problems with searching.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Field names are usually case-sensitive. Use consistency when naming or you might encounter problems. All lower or all upper case names are recommended.