5.7. One-Click Searches

Interchange allows a search to be passed in a URL, as shown above. Just specify the search with the special page parameter search or special page scan. Here is an example:

    [page search="
       Impressionist Paintings

This is the same:

    [page scan se=Impressionists/sf=category]
       Impressionist Paintings

Here is the same thing from a home page (assuming /cgi-bin/vlink is the CGI path for Interchange's vlink):

    <A HREF="/cgi-bin/vlink/scan/se=Impressionists/sf=category">
       Impressionist Paintings

The two-letter abbreviations are mapped with these letters:

 ac  mv_all_chars
 bd  mv_base_directory
 bs  mv_begin_string
 ck  mv_cache_key
 co  mv_coordinate
 cs  mv_case
 cv  mv_verbatim_columns
 de  mv_dict_end
 df  mv_dict_fold
 di  mv_dict_limit
 dl  mv_dict_look
 DL  mv_raw_dict_look
 do  mv_dict_order
 dr  mv_record_delim
 em  mv_exact_match
 er  mv_spelling_errors
 ff  mv_field_file
 fi  mv_search_file
 fm  mv_first_match
 fn  mv_field_names
 hs  mv_head_skip
 ix  mv_index_delim
 lb  mv_search_label
 lf  mv_like_field
 lo  mv_list_only
 lr  mv_search_line_return
 ls  mv_like_spec
 ma  mv_more_alpha
 mc  mv_more_alpha_chars
 md  mv_more_decade
 ml  mv_matchlimit
 mm  mv_max_matches
 MM  mv_more_matches
 mp  mv_profile
 ms  mv_min_string
 ne  mv_negate
 ng  mv_negate
 np  mv_nextpage
 nu  mv_numeric
 op  mv_column_op
 os  mv_orsearch
 pf  prefix
 ra  mv_return_all
 rd  mv_return_delim
 rf  mv_return_fields
 rn  mv_return_file_name
 rr  mv_return_reference
 rs  mv_return_spec
 se  mv_searchspec
 sf  mv_search_field
 sg  mv_search_group
 si  mv_search_immediate
 sm  mv_start_match
 sp  mv_search_page
 sq  mv_sql_query
 sr  mv_search_relate
 st  mv_searchtype
 su  mv_substring_match
 tf  mv_sort_field
 to  mv_sort_option
 un  mv_unique
 va  mv_value

These can be treated just the same as form variables on the page, except that they can't contain a new line. If using the multi-line method of specification, the characters will automatically be escaped for a URL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An incompatibility in earlier Interchange catalogs is specifying [page scan/se=searchstring]. This is interpreted by the parser as [page scan/se="searchstring"] and will cause a bad URL. Change this to [page scan se=searchstring], or perhaps better yet:

   [page search="

A one-click search may be specified in three different ways.


         [page scan se=Surreal/se=Gogh/os=yes/su=yes/sf=artist/sf=category]
            Van Gogh -- compare to surrealists


            [page scan
                se="Van Gogh"
            ] Van Gogh -- compare to surrealists </a>


         [page href=scan se="Van Gogh"&sp=lists/surreal&os=yes&su=yes&sf=artist]
            Van Gogh -- compare to surrealists