7.6. Geographic Qualification

If the return value in the main criterion includes whitespace, the remaining information in the field is used as a qualifier for the subsidiary shipping modes. This can be used to create geographic qualifications for shipping, as in:

upsg  UPS Ground  weight [value state]  0   0    e No items selected
upsg  UPS Ground  AK HI                 0   150  u Ground [value zip] 12.00
upsg  UPS Ground                        0   150  u Ground [value zip] 3.00

If upsg is the mode selected, the value of the user session variable state is examined to see if it matches the geographic qualification on a whole-word boundary. If it is AK or HI, UPS Ground with an adder of 12 will be selected. If it "falls through," UPS Ground with an adder of 3 will be selected.