2.11. Templates aren't showing, only the center content of the page itself

Example question: "All that's showing up is the center section of the template. This happened after ____: (moving my site to a new host, or uploading a new catalog.cfg or theme.cfg file, or restarting interchange)."

This can happen if:

From unix, do an octal dump on some of the files to see if you have cr chars:

od -a templates/foundation/theme.cfg | grep cr
od -a catalog.cfg | grep cr

If something appears on the screen, then your file needs to be cleaned. Among the other 10-million ways to clean it, here is one:

perl -pi -e 's/\r\n/\n/g' < old_file.cfg > new_file.cfg

Also, if you are using FTP to transfer the files from a Windows machine, try using ASCII mode instead of binary mode.