3.1. Shopping cart is dropped when using SSL.

If you are using a separate secure and non-secure domain, this is due to the cookies from the user not matching as well as the session ID not being able to be transferred due to differing source IP addresses.

This is sometimes due to the HostnameLookups (Stronghold/Apache parameter) not matching for the two servers, secure and non-secure. It can also be caused by the user having different web proxy addresses for HTTP and HTTPS. If it still does not work, try changing some of the appropriate configuration parameters in interchange.cfg:

   DomainTail   No
   IpHead       Yes

If you still are having problems, try this combination in catalog.cfg, the catalog configuration file:

   SessionExpire  10 minutes
   WideOpen       Yes

The above setting will typically make Interchange work when it is possible to work. Sometimes when you have multiple Interchange servers sharing the same secure server, you will have problems after accessing the second one. (The first one issues a session ID cookie, and that causes problems).