1.2. Where are the images?

Interchange is a CGI program, and if relative image paths are used, IMG tags like the following will occur:

<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/simple/../whatever.jpg">

Interchange, by default, uses an ImageDir for a prefix. In the demo, image specs that have no absolute path information are prefixed with /simple/images/.

In an Interchange page, this tag:

       <IMG SRC="ordernow.gif">

will become this:

       <IMG SRC="/simple/images/ordernow.gif">

This tag:

       <IMG SRC="items/00-0011.jpg">

will become this:

       <IMG SRC="/simple/images/items/00-0011.jpg">

Absolute image paths are not affected. An image such as /other/images/whatever.gif will not be changed.