8. How do I....

How do I get the number of items in a shopping cart?

How do I delete an item from the cart in Perl?

The demo doesn't do ... (pick one)

How can I trace the source of a purchase and run a partners program?

How can I send an email copy of the receipt to a user?

How do I display Euro pricing?

How do I empty the shopping cart?

How do I e-mail credit card numbers in plain text?

How do I setup multiple shipping addresses?

How do I change the order number from TEST0001, TEST0002 to something else?

How do I move a catalog from a test server to a production server?

How do I access the raw match count?

How do I add the thumbnail to the results page?

How do I do a random display of items?

How do I setup a new real time payment processor that isn't yet supported by Interchange?

How do I modify orders after they are placed, change items, shipping, etc.?

How do I make or get a certificate for SSL?

How do I perform multi-table SQL queries and/or joins using dot notation?

How do I modify the Save Cart and Recurring Cart feature? How do they work?