8.11. How do I move a catalog from a test server to a production server?

(Answered by Jonathan Clark)

1) copy the complete catalog root with all files and subfolders.

2) make sure the permissions are appropriate (interchange daemon user needs rw access to all of it.

3) link <catroot>/error.log to /var/logs/interchange/catalog/error.log or wherever.

4) link catroot/images to images folder in your public html space.

5) link the admin ui images folder 'interchange' in public html space to actual location.

6) copy any global usertags which are not in your catalog structure.

7) edit the variable.txt to set appropriate domain names if these have changed.

8) if using MySQL/Postgres/Oracle, set up database access.

9) put a link program in your cgi-bin, make sure it is chmod u+s and owned by the interchange daemon user.

10) add the catalog to the interchange.cfg file.

11) restart ic.

12) check global error.log for any error messages.