8.16. How do I modify orders after they are placed, change items, shipping, etc.?

Example question: "Occasionally, I need to modify orders... Add an Item, Change shipping, etc. What is the best way or how can it be done?"

The Foundation template does not have this functionality "out of the box". While one can manually modify the tables via the Admin UI, it would not cause IC to automatically recalculate subtotals, tax, shipping, etc. to account for the modifications.

Until someone gets the "itch" to program that feature into the Admin UI, some users are solving the problem by handling all of these modifications in a Back Office / Accounting / ERP software system. For example, IC comes with "out of the box" support for integration with Quickbooks. At that point, however, it becomes necessary to analyze what (if any) syncronization will be performed between the two systems.