5.6. affiliate


This table contains data related to your affiliate programs. See also the affiliate_receptor component.


Field Description
affiliate Affiliate ID
name Name of affiliate organization
campaigns Campaigns this affiliate participates in
coupon_amount Discount for customers from affiliate participating in coupon campaign
join_date When the affiliate signed with you
url Your default URL to use for customers coming from the affiliate site (not the affiliate's home page)
timeout Timeout in seconds after which purchases are no longer credited to the affiliate
active Boolean, set to 1 for active affiliates
password Affiliate login password
image Affiliate's logo

5.6.1. affiliate

Example Data


This field contains the unique Affiliate ID.

5.6.2. name

Example Data

   Consolidated Diversified
   Hardhat Construction

This is the descriptive name of the affiliate.

5.6.3. campaigns

Example Data


This field lists the campaigns that the affiliate participates and enables campaign features and tracks traffic from advertising campaigns. The foundation catalog implements a coupon campaign in the affiliate_receptor component. If you want to add campaigns, you will also need to develop the appropriate logic within the affiliate_receptor component and pages that use it.

5.6.4. coupon_amount

Example Data


This is the discount offered customers from the affiliate participating in the coupon campaign.

Note -- This is implemented in the affiliate_receptor component as a flat discount amount. If you wanted a percentage discount instead, you would modify the [discount] tag in catalog_root/templates/components/affiliate_receptor (see the [discount] tag for more detail).

5.6.5. join_date

Example Data


This is the date when the affiliate signed with you.

5.6.6. url

Example Data


The value in this field is used to direct visitors coming from the Affiliate to your home page or a page you have designed specifically for visitors from that Affiliate's site. Note that this should not be the URL of the Affiliate's home site.

5.6.7. timeout

Example Data


The value in this field is used to specify the amount of time a customer has to place an order to still give the Affiliate credit for it. If the customer goes over this amount of time, the Affiliate doesn't get credit for the customer visit. The timeout delay is measured in seconds, with the value of 0 (zero) disabling it. It is recommended that you use a value in the thousands to make sure the customer has enough time to shop.

5.6.8. active

This is a boolean value indicating whether the affiliate is active.

5.6.9. password

Example Data


Password for affiliate login (see catalog_root//pages/affiliate/login.html). Note that the password is stored in plaintext by default.

5.6.10. image

Example Data


Affiliate's logo image.