5.21. products

This is the main table for product data. See also 'The Product Database' section in the database documentation.

The sku is also the master key in many of the related tables.


Field Description
sku Unique product ID
description Short description for list display
title Full title for book, CD, artwork, etc.
template_page Not used in foundation catalog. No description.
comment Longer description for item display (e.g., flypage.html)
thumb Thumbnail image
image Regular-sized image
price Retail quantity one price
wholesale Dealer minimum quantity price
prod_group Product supercategory
category Product category
nontaxable Boolean. Set true (1) if nontaxable
weight Weight in your units. Should match shipping table.
size List of options used with accessories tag.
color List of options used with accessories tag.
gift_cert Boolean. Set true (1) if this is a gift certificate.
related Deprecated in favor of merchandising.upsell_to
featured Deprecated. Use merchandising table.
inactive Boolean. Set true (1) to inactivate a product
url Not Documented

5.21.1. sku

Example Data


Unique identifier for the product. You should use only characters of the class A-Z a-z 0-9 _ - (i.e., matching the regular expression, '[-A-Za-z0-9_]+'). Although Interchange itself does not impose this restriction, you may have problems with SQL databases, file systems, and URL encoding if you use other characters. For example, a slash (/) can interfere with URLs and filenames, a colon (:) can interfere with database representations (or file names on some operating systems), i<etc.>

5.21.2. description

Example Data

   Brush Set
   Disposable Brush Set
   Ergo Roller
   Gift Certificate
   Painters Brush Set
   Painters Ladder
   Spackling Knife
   Trim Brush

A short description for the product that is used for displaying in the shopping cart, receipt, and order report.

5.21.3. title

Example Data

   Brush Set
   Disposable Brush Set
   Ergo Roller
   Gift Certificate
   Painters Brush Set
   Painters Ladder
   Spackling Knife
   Trim Brush

This column is not used in the foundation catalog. Previously used in the Art store (simple) demo for a painting title. You probably want to use description instead.

You should modify the products and other tables to suit your catalog's requirements. You might use this field if you want to show titles for books, music, or other titled merchandise. If you do not use a title that is distinct from the short description, then you probably do not need this column in the table at all.

5.21.4. template_page

Not used in foundation catalog.

No Description.

5.21.5. comment

Example Data

   A must have for all painters!  This spackling knife is ergon...
   Enjoy the perfect feel and swing of our line of hammers. Thi...
   This set includes 2" and 3" trim brushes and our ergonomical...
   This set of disposable foam brushes is ideal for any stainin...

This is the field for a long description of the product. If you are using an Interchange text/gdbm database, the field size is unlimited; if using another type of database, the length will be dependent on the field type selected. If you are using a SQL database, see the appropriate cat_root/dbconf subdirectory for a place to set COLUMN_DEF values. See also the database documentation, 'Importing from an ASCII File', for details about defaults for columns that you do not define.

5.21.6. thumb

Example Data


This is the filename for a small (thumbnail) image of the product.

5.21.7. image

Example Data


This is the filename for a regular-sized image of the product, as it should appear in an HTML <img src="image"> tag. You do not need to specify the path if the image files are in the usual Interchange image directory.

5.21.8. price

Example Data


The quantity-one price of the product. See the wholesale field and the price table for dealer and quantity pricing.

5.21.9. wholesale

Example Data


This is the minimum dealer price for the item. For quantity pricing, see the price table.

5.21.10. prod_group

Example Data

   Hand Tools
   Measuring Tools
   Painting Supplies
   Safety Equipment
   Tool Storage

Product group (supercategory). This indicates the grouping of product categories, for example in the navigation bars created from the area table (note the match with the name data in the area table).

5.21.11. category

Example Data

   Gift Certificate
   Putty Knives

This is the category the product should appear in when you select a list. You can put a product in more than one category, but you may need to accommodate this in display and banner headings. Embedded perl is helpful for this.

5.21.12. nontaxable

Boolean value. If true (1), the sales tax calculation for an order will not include the cost of the product. See also the salestax tag.

5.21.13. weight

Example Data


This is a numeric value of the weight used for determining shipping costs (with UPS, for example). In the US, this is typically the weight in pounds in order to match the UPS, Fed Ex and other standard shipping tables.

5.21.14. size

Example Data

   1", 2", 3"
   1', 1.5'
   1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3"
   10oz, 15oz, 20 oz
   standard, metric

This is where the old Construct Something demo store kept the 'size' options for a product. The foundation catalog now uses the options table instead to handle product options (also sometimes called product attributes).

The accessories tag can build HTML widgets from the comma-delimited list of product options. You can use a delimiter other than comma (if compatible with the table) as long as you also set the delimiter in the accessories tag.

You probably do not need this field if you use the options table (for example, if you are building from the foundation catalog).

5.21.15. color

Another product option column. No longer used in the foundation catalog. See size above for description.

5.21.16. gift_cert

Boolean value. If true (1), specifies that this product is a gift certificate. See also the gift_certs table.

5.21.17. related

Used for displaying "upsells," opportunities to purchase an additional item when this one is purchased. Contains a comma-separated list of SKUs to be offered.

The foundation catalog now instead uses the upsell_to field of the merchandising table for upselling.

5.21.18. featured

Deprecated in favor of the merchandising table.

5.21.19. inactive

If true (1), renders the product inactive (i.e., it will not appear in the catalog).

5.21.20. url

Not Documented