4.4. Edit Page Function

Creating a page with the following specifications using the Edit Page function results in the HTML and ITL code displayed below.


    Template:                    Page with top/left areas.
    Page title:                  test
    Page banner:                 test
    Members only:                No
    Component before content:    Best Sellers
    Component after content:     Random items
    Component items horizontal:  3
    Before/after Banner:         New items
    Special tag:                 Specials
    Content:                     <P>My first HTML/ITL page!

Resulting code:

    ui_template: Yes
    ui_template_name: leftonly

    [set hbanner]New items[/set]
    [set page_title]test[/set]
    [set hpromo_type]specials[/set]
    [set component_hsize]3[/set]
    [set page_banner]test[/set]
    [set members_only]0[/set]
    [set component_before]best_horizontal[/set]
    [set component_after]random_horizontal[/set]

    <!-- BEGIN CONTENT -->
    <P>My first HTML/ITL page!
    <!-- END CONTENT -->


An important point demonstrated here is the inclusion of the region templates LEFTONLY_TOP and LEFTONLY_BOTTOM through the @_VARIABLE_NAME_@ notation. These are included because of line 4 of the leftonly template definition file:

    4  ui_template_layout: LEFTONLY_TOP, UI_CONTENT, LEFTONLY_BOTTOM

However, understand that you are free to change the region templates used in the file by editing the file itself or, better yet, using an existing region as a starting point for a region of your own design.

The next section explains the structure of region templates.