3.2. PREFIX-alternate

   [PREFIX-alternate N] DIVISIBLE [else] NOT DIVISIBLE [/else][/PREFIX-alternate]

Set up an alternation sequence. If the item-increment is divisible by `N', the text will be displayed. If an `[else]NOT DIVISIBLE TEXT[/else]' is present, then the NOT DIVISIBLE TEXT will be displayed.

For example:

    [item-alternate 2]EVEN[else]ODD[/else][/item-alternate]
    [item-alternate 3]BY 3[else]NOT by 3[/else][/item-alternate]

There are some additional primitives:

Tag Description
[item-alternate first_only] Only true on first item
[item-alternate last_only] Only true on last item
[item-alternate except_last] True except on last item
[item-alternate except_first] True except on last item
[item-alternate 0] Same as "first_only"
[item-alternate -1] Same as "except_last"

In the common case where you want to separate by a comma or other joiner:

        You have the following items:
                [item-code][item-alternate except_last], [/item-alternate]