6.3. convert_date

This tag converts a given date format into another format.

6.3.1. Summary

    [convert_date day* other_named_attributes[/convert_date]
    [convert_date day=n* other_named_attributes[/convert_date]

Positional parameters: The first line shows the usage with positional parameters (given in order). The second line shows usage with named parameters.

Parameters Description Default
days The number of days from or before today none
Attributes Default
format '%d-%b-%Y %I:%M%p' or '%d-%b-%Y'
fmt - Alias for format none
raw none
zerofix none
Invalidates cache No
Macro No
Has end tag [/convert_date]

Tag expansion example:

  a. [convert-date][/convert-date]
  b. [convert-date 1][/convert-date]
  c. [convert-date -1][/convert-date]
  d. [convert-date]2001-5-1[/convert-date]
  e. [convert-date]2001-05-01[/convert-date]
  f. [convert-date]20010515[/convert-date]
  g. [convert-date raw=1]2001-05-18[/convert-date]
  h. [convert-date fmt="%d-%m-%Y"]2001-05-18[/convert-date]
  i. [convert-date]200 1 -  --051 =9[/convert-date]
  j. [convert-date]2001 -  --05 -20 11 1 5[/convert-date]
  k. [convert-date raw=1]2001-05-21 11:15[/convert-date]
  a. 18-May-2001 03:15AM (todays day and time)
  b. 19-May-2001 03:15AM (today + 1 day)
  c. 17-May-2001 03:15AM (today - 1 day)
  d. 01-May-2001
  e. 01-May-2001
  f. 15-May-2001
  g. 20010518
  h. 18-05-2001
  i. 19-May-2001
  j. 20-May-2001 11:15AM
  k. 200105211115

ASP-like Perl call:

    $Tag->convert_date( { days => 1 } );

    $Tag->convert_date( { body => "2001-05-19 15:35",
                       format => "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M", } );

or similarly with positional parameters,

    $Tag->convert_date( 1 );

6.3.2. Description

This tag converts almost any given date format into another, possibly user defined, format. days

Number of days from or before today's date and time. Will only be used if nothing is supplied between the tags. format

POSIX time format string of your choice. See Unix strftime(3) manpage for complete details. raw

If this option is set to true, will display given date in raw format, e.g. yyyymmdd or yyyymmddHHMM. zerofix

Strips leading zeroes from numbers.