2.1. Standard Syntax

The most common syntax is to enclose the tag with its parameters and attributes in [square brackets]. If the tag has an end tag, the tag and its end tag will delimit contained body text:

  [tagname parameters attributes]Contained Body Text[/tagname]

Caveat -- macros: Some macros look like tags or end tags. For example, [/page] is a macro for </A>. This allows you to conveniently write [page href]Target[/page], but 'Target' is not treated as contained body text.

When using the [tagname ...] syntax, there must be no whitespace between the left bracket ('[') and the tagname.

If a tag name includes an underscore or dash, as in [item_list], a dash is just as appropriate (i.e. [item-list]). The two forms are interchangeable, except that an ending tag must match the tag (i.e., don't use [item-list] list [/item_list]).