4.27. field

4.27.1. Summary

Parameters: name code

Positional parameters in same order.

Pass attribute hash as last to subroutine: no

Must pass named parameter interpolate=1 to cause interpolation.

Invalidates cache: no

Called Routine:

ASP-like Perl call:

         name => VALUE,
         code => VALUE,


    $Tag->field($name, $code);

Attribute aliases

            col ==> name
            column ==> name
            field ==> name
            key ==> code
            row ==> code
    [field name code]
Parameters Description Default
col Alias for name DEFAULT_VALUE
column Alias for name DEFAULT_VALUE
field Alias for name DEFAULT_VALUE
key Alias for code DEFAULT_VALUE
row Alias for code DEFAULT_VALUE
Attributes Default
interpolate (reparse) No
Invalidates cache no
Container tag No
Has Subtags No
Nests Yes

Tag expansion example:

    [field name code]
    TODO: (tag result)

ASP-like Perl call:

   $Tag->field(  { code => VALUE_code
                    name => VALUE_name
}, $body  );

or similarly with positional parameters,

    $Tag->field(name,code, $attribute_hash_reference, $body);

4.27.2. Description

Expands into the value of the field name for the product identified by code as found by searching the products database. It will return the first entry found in the series of Product Files. the products database. If you want to constrain it to a particular database, use the [data base name code] tag.

Note that if you only have one ProductFile products, which is the default, [field column key] is the same as [data products column key]. code name