4.61. salestax

4.61.1. Summary

Parameters: name noformat

Positional parameters in same order.

Pass attribute hash as last to subroutine: no

Must pass named parameter interpolate=1 to cause interpolation.

Invalidates cache: YES

Called Routine:

ASP-like Perl call:

         name => VALUE,
         noformat => VALUE,


    $Tag->salestax($name, $noformat);

Attribute aliases

            cart ==> name
    [salestax name noformat]
Parameters Description Default
cart Alias for name DEFAULT_VALUE
noformat   DEFAULT_VALUE
Attributes Default
interpolate (reparse) No
Invalidates cache YES
Container tag No
Has Subtags No
Nests Yes

Tag expansion example:

    [salestax name noformat]
    TODO: (tag result)

ASP-like Perl call:

   $Tag->salestax(  { name => VALUE_name
                       noformat => VALUE_noformat
}, $body  );

or similarly with positional parameters,

    $Tag->salestax(name,noformat, $attribute_hash_reference, $body);

4.61.2. Description

Expands into the sales tax on the subtotal of all the items ordered so far for the cart, default cart is main. If there is no key field to derive the proper percentage, such as state or zip code, it is set to 0. If the noformat tag is present and non-zero, the raw number with no currency formatting will be given. name noformat