4.65. search-region

4.65.1. Summary

Parameters: arg

The attribute hash reference is passed after the parameters but before the container text argument. This may mean that there are parameters not shown here.

Must pass named parameter interpolate=1 to cause interpolation.

This is a container tag, i.e. [search-region] FOO [/search-region]. Nesting: NO

Invalidates cache: no

Called Routine:

ASP-like Perl call:

         arg => VALUE,


    $Tag->search_region($arg, $ATTRHASH, $BODY);

Attribute aliases

            args ==> arg
            params ==> arg
            search ==> arg
    [search-region arg other_named_attributes]
Parameters Description Default
args Alias for arg DEFAULT_VALUE
params Alias for arg DEFAULT_VALUE
search Alias for arg DEFAULT_VALUE
Attributes Default
interpolate No
reparse Yes
Invalidates cache no
Container tag Yes
Has Subtags No
Nests No

Tag expansion example:

    [search-region arg]
    TODO: (tag result)

ASP-like Perl call:

   $Tag->search_region(  { arg => VALUE_arg
}, $body  );

or similarly with positional parameters,

    $Tag->search_region(arg, $attribute_hash_reference, $body);

4.65.2. Description

NO Description arg