6.9. Tags for Summarizing Shopping Basket/Cart

The following elements are used to access common items which need to be displayed on baskets and checkout pages.

* marks an optional parameter

[item-list cart*]


[nitems cart*]


[salestax cart*]

[shipping-description mode*]

[shipping mode*]

[total-cost cart*]

[currency convert*]

            [currency convert=1] [calc] 500.00 + 1000.00 [/calc] [/currency]


[cart name]

[row nn]


[col width=nn wrap=yes|no gutter=n align=left|right|input spacing=n]

            width=nn        The column width, including the gutter. Must be
                            supplied, there is no default. A shorthand method
                            is to just supply the number as the first parameter,
                            as in [col 20].
            gutter=n        The number of spaces used to separate the column (on
                            the right-hand side) from the next. Default is 2.
            spacing=n       The line spacing used for wrapped text. Default is 1,
                            or single-spaced.
            wrap=(yes|no)   Determines whether text that is greater in length than
                            the column width will be wrapped to the next line. Default
                            is yes.
            align=(L|R|I)   Determines whether text is aligned to the left (the default),
                            the right or in a way that might display an HTML text
                            input field correctly.