8.8. Integrated Image Maps

Imagemaps can also be defined on forms, with the special form variable mv_todo.map. A series of map actions can be defined. The action specified in the default entry will be applied if none of the other coordinates match. The image is specified with a standard HTML 2.0 form field of type IMAGE. Here is an example:

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_todo.map" VALUE="rect submit 0,0 100,20">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_todo.map" VALUE="rect cancel 290,2 342,18">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_todo.map" VALUE="default refresh">
<INPUT TYPE=image  NAME="mv_todo" SRC="url_of_image">

All of the actions will be combined together into one image map with NCSA-style functionality (see the NCSA imagemap documentation for details), except that Interchange form actions are defined instead of URLs.