3.2. data and field

The [data] and [field] tags access elements of Interchange databases. They are the form used outside of the iterating lists, and are used to do lookups when the table, column/field or key/row is conditional based on a previous operation.

The following are equivalent for attribute names:

    table --> base
    col   --> field --> column
    key   --> code  --> row

The [field] tag looks in any tables defined as ProductFiles, in that order, for the data and returns the first non-empty value. In most catalogs, where ProductFiles is not defined, i.e., the demo, [field title 00-0011] is equivalent to [data products title 00-0011]. For example, [field col=foo key=bar] will not display something from the table "category" because "category" is not in the directive ProductFiles or there are multiple ProductFiles and an earlier one has an entry for that key.

[data table column key]

            accesses      Accesses within the last 30 seconds
            arg           The argument passed in a [page ...] or [area ...] tag
            browser       The user browser string
            host          Interchange's idea of the host (modified by DomainTail)
            last_error    The last error from the error logging
            last_url      The current Interchange path_info
            logged_in     Whether the user is logged in via UserDB
            pageCount     Number of unique URLs generated
            prev_url      The previous path_info
            referer       HTTP_REFERER string
            ship_message  The last error messages from shipping
            source        Source of original entry to Interchange
            time          Time (seconds since Jan 1, 1970) of last access
            user          The REMOTE_USER string
            username      User name logged in as (UserDB)

[field name code]