4.11. [search-list]

You must always surround [search-list] with [search-region] [/search-region].

Embedded Perl changes quite a bit. While there are the $Safe{values} and other variable settings, they are automatically shared (no arg="values") and move to:

    $Safe{values}   -->  $Values
    $Safe{cgi}      -->  $CGI
    $Safe{carts}    -->  $Carts
    $Safe{items}    -->  $Items
    $Safe{config}   -->  $Config
    $Safe{scratch}  -->  $Scratch

There are a number of other objects, see the docs.

Most other issues have more to do with the catalog skeleton (i.e. simple or barry or basic or art) than they do the core. For instance, the "basic" catalog produced for MV3 ran unchanged except for the issues discussed above.