[Docs] New tag "assign"

Mike Heins mheins@redhat.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 20:48:19 -0400

Here is some quasi-documentation for a new tag, "assign".

=head2 assign

The C<assign> tag allows you to assign to four normally calculated
items with numeric values. If you assign the empty string, it clears
the assignment and the normal method of calculation takes over.

The tags [shipping], [handling], [salestax], and [subtotal]
will have their normal behavior, i.e. formatting for the local
currency. The difference is that they are not calculated.

=over 4

=item subtotal

Preempts the cart subtotal derived from prices. Not rounded.
Always active if assigned a numeric value.

=item shipping

Sets the total value of shipping. Rounded to fractional digits. Always
active if assigned a numeric value.

=item handling

If C<mv_handling> is a true value, sets the total value of
handling. Rounded to fractional digits. <B>Not</B> active unless
C<mv_handling> is set with a non-zero, non-blank value.

=item salestax

Preempts the salestax normally derived from the salestax. Not rounded.
No calculation is done at all.


You cannot assign to [total-cost] -- it will always be the sum of the
four above.

If there is no assignment to one of the four, it will use the
normal method. To make salestax zero, you must use [assign salestax=0].

Called with [assign salestax=N.NN], etc. If the value has a length
of zero, will delete the assigned value from the assignment hash
and the normal method of calculation will kick back in.

If you call [assign clear=1] it will clear all, and the normal method
of calculation will kick back in.

If a non-real-number value is passed, it logs an error and clears
the assignment.

It is persistent in the user's session and effects only that user,
and should be used only when you know exactly what you are doing. Ha.

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