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Rewrote area tag
  -- Changed tag section format
  -- Refers to page tag for common content.

Rewrote most of page tag
  -- 'alias' and 'once' attribute documentation not complete
  -- some examples not yet standardized

Added section for universal attributes

Added appendix: SUMMARY section key

Begun document formatting changes
  -- Standardizing examples
  -- Fix SDF mishandling of =item (replacing =head and =item with Hn: subheadings)
     -- Note: current file generates SDF warnings after '=over 4' before
        subheadings.  Output files are ok. Warning example:

>         ictags.sdf warning, para. on 476: unknown paragraph style ''

  -- Converting literals to example blocks
  -- Adding hyperlinks and anchors
  -- Wrap long lines within standard text paragraphs (for readability when editing
     the .sdf files)
     --Note: This generates some whitespace diffs
  -- Adding tables

W L Dawkins (wld)