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User:      heins
Date:      2002-09-28 02:08:55 GMT
Added:     sdf/perllib/sdf/home/look/icdevgroup html.sdn icdevgroup.sdm
* Change name of look to icdevgroup.

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1.1                  docs/sdf/perllib/sdf/home/look/icdevgroup/html.sdn

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: html.sdn
# $Id: html.sdn,v 1.1 2002/09/28 02:08:54 mheins Exp $
# >>Title::     HTML Tuning
# >>Copyright::
# Copyright (c) 2002, ICDEVGROUP
# You may distribute under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.
# >>History::
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Date      Who     Change
# 20-Sep-02 heins   ICDEVGROUP 1.0
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# >>Purpose::
# The {{look/icdevgroup/html.sdn}} module defines [[SDF]] configuration det=
ails for
# generating [[HTML]] files with the ICDEVGROUP look.
# >>Description::
# >>Limitations::

#!message "Using icdevgroup look & feel"

# Inherit the standard configuration
!use 'stdlib/html.sdn'

# Subroutine to build the main document navigation line
!block script
sub _html_mdnav {

    $mdn .=3D qq!{{INLINE:<A HREF=3D"$var{'HTML_URL_HOME'}" TARGET=3D"_top"=
>$var{'HTML_TEXT_HOME'}</A>}} | ! if $var{'HTML_URL_HOME'};
    $mdn .=3D qq!{{INLINE:<A HREF=3D"$var{'HTML_URL_CATALOG'}" TARGET=3D"_t=
op">$var{'HTML_TEXT_CATALOG'}</A>}} | ! if $var{'HTML_URL_CATALOG'};
    $mdn .=3D qq!{{INLINE:<A HREF=3D"$var{'HTML_URL_SEARCH'}" TARGET=3D"_to=
p">$var{'HTML_TEXT_SEARCH'}</A>}} | ! if $var{'HTML_URL_SEARCH'};
    $mdn =3D~ s/ \| $//;
    return $mdn;

!macro build_html_cover
!if $var{'OPT_DRIVER'} eq 'html'
        !default DOC_TOC 2
        !block script
            sub toc_html_Filter {
                local(*text, %param) =3D @_;
                local($toc_text, $toc_tag);
                for(my $i =3D 0; $i <=3D $#text; $i++) {
                    if($text[$i] =3D~ s/^L1\[/N:{{[bold;/) {
                        $text[$i] .=3D '}}';
                    } elsif($text[$i] =3D~ s!^L2\[!E<nl>{{IMPORT:bullet.gif=
}}{{[size=3D"-1";!) {
                        $text[$i-1] .=3D splice(@text,$i,1) . '}}';

                # Prepend an "all in one file" link
                unshift(@text, 'N[noevents;notoc]({{INLINE:<A HREF=3D"' . $=
var{SDF_ROOT} . $var{DOC_BASE}. '.html" TARGET=3D"_top">all in one file</A>=

                # Prepend a section separator and a title
                $toc_text =3D $var{'DOC_TOC_TITLE'};
                $toc_text =3D 'Table of Contents' unless $toc_text;
                $toc_tag =3D $parastyles_to{'TOCT'};
                $toc_tag =3D "P2" unless $toc_tag;
                unshift(@text, $toc_tag . "[noevents;notoc]$toc_text");

                # set the base target
                unshift(@text, '{{INLINE:<BASE TARGET=3D"main">}}');
        !div title
        !default DOC_TOC 2
        !default DOC_HTML_LOGO  $var{'DOC_LOGO'}
        !if DOC_HTML_LOGO
            !default DOC_HTML_LOGO_BASE  $var{'DOC_LOGO_BASE'}
            !import DOC_HTML_LOGO; align=3DRight; base=3D$var{'DOC_HTML_LOG=
            P1[notoc; class=3D'doc-title'] [[DOC_TITLE]]
            P1[notoc; class=3D'doc-title'] [[DOC_TITLE]]
        Sign[class=3D'doc-author'] [[join(", ", grep(/\w/, &Var('DOC_AUTHOR=
'), &Var('DOC_AUTHOR2'), &Var('DOC_AUTHOR3')))]]

    # Setup the HTML title

    # This is no longer required now that the title is put in it's own div
    ## Mark the contents so we know where it is in topics mode
    #!block inline; target=3D'html'
    # This is used for HTML documents generated via Frame
	dName: [[DOC_TITLE]]
	dStat: [[DOC_ID]] ([[DOC_STATUS]])
	dAuth: [[join(", ", grep(/\w/, @variable{'DOC_AUTHOR', 'DOC_AUTHOR2', 'DOC=

# Macro for building the title of the document and/or topic
        !define HTML_TITLE "$var{'HTML_MAIN_TITLE'}: $var{'DOC_TITLE'}"
        !define HTML_TITLE DOC_TITLE

    !if $var{'HTML_FRAMES'}

    !if $var{'HTML_FRAMES'}
        !if $var{'OPT_STYLE'} eq 'paper'
            #Sign: [[DOC_STATUS]]
        !elsif DOC_STATUS
            Sign: {{A[class=3D'doc-id'][[DOC_ID]]}} {{A[class=3D'doc-status=
        !elsif DOC_ID
            Sign: {{A[class=3D'doc-id'][[DOC_ID]]}}
        Sign[class=3D'doc-modified'] [[DATE:DOC_MODIFIED]]
        Sign[class=3D'copyright'] [['Copyright E<c> ' . &Var('DOC_OWNER')]]

!div navigate
    !block script
    if ($var{'HTML_TOPICS_MODE'}) {
        $_next =3D $topics[0] . ".html";
        $_prev =3D $topics[$#topics] . ".html";
    else {
        $_base =3D $var{'HTML_TOPIC'};
        $_next =3D $topic_next{$_base} ? $topic_next{$_base} . ".html" : '';
        $_prev =3D $topic_prev{$_base} ? $topic_prev{$_base} . ".html" : '';
        $_up   =3D $topic_up{$_base} ? $topic_up{$_base} . ".html" : '';

    if(defined($var{'HTML_FRAMES'})) {
        undef($_next) if($_next eq $var{'HTML_URL_CONTENTS'});
        undef($_prev) if($_prev eq $var{'HTML_URL_CONTENTS'});
        undef($_up) if($_up eq $var{'HTML_URL_CONTENTS'});

    push(@_nav, "{{A[jump=3D'$_up'] $var{'HTML_TEXT_PARENT'}}}") if($_up);
    push(@_nav, "{{A[jump=3D'$_prev'] $var{'HTML_TEXT_PREVIOUS'}}}") if($_p=
    push(@_nav, "{{A[jump=3D'$_next'] $var{'HTML_TEXT_NEXT'}}}") if($_next);

    $_nav1 =3D join(' | ', @_nav);

    # Build the second navigation line, if any
    $_nav2 =3D &_html_mdnav;
    if ($_nav2) {
        $_nav2 =3D "{{CHAR:nl}}" . $_nav2;


!default HTML_LINK_COLOR '993333'
!default HTML_URL_CATALOG $var{SDF_ROOT} . 'index.html'
!default DOC_HTML_LOGO 'rh-ic-logo.gif'
!default DOC_OWNER "2002 ICDEVGROUP E<lt>{{EMAIL:interchange@icdevgroup.org=
!default DOC_ID_SEP "-"

1.1                  docs/sdf/perllib/sdf/home/look/icdevgroup/icdevgroup.s=

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: icdevgroup.sdm
# To remove the header/footer borders, uncomment the line below
#!default OPT_BORDERS 0

# Inherit the simple look
!inherit "look/simple"